GSoC 2017 video stuck issue fixed

After last week’s work the decoder is now able to play videos normally. The video getting stuck at the end was fixed along with other improvements that I talk about below.

Signalling EOS

Earlier I had left signalling end of stream for later to do. This only needed to propagate the flag on the ouput buffer as

p_prc->p_outhdr_->nFlags |= OMX_BUFFERFLAG_EOS;

But it was a little tricky because of the sliding window. The decoder should not release the output buffer before all the buffers in the window have been decoded when EOS is reached. fixed that issue.

That along with the error correction in made the video close smoothly on ending.

No more dependence on gst-omx for port configuration

For development earlier we were using workarounds for nStride other parameters. Also the component depended on the client to update the corressponding ports. With the patch in that behaviour was changed. Removing the workaround and using this patch the component stopped working. It was because the outport needed to be enabled first by the component before sending any output. made it able to start the decoding process but later on I was again faced another problem.

The decoder assumed that the input buffer is cleared after it’s read. But now in case the out port is disabled the input buffer can’t be cleared. In that case the decoder needs to wait until the right time to release the claimed buffer. fixed that issue by adding checks in decode_frame and get_input_buffer and separating the buffer shifting logic from decode_frame.

Reading stream parameters from headers In the decoder sends a “fake” event to just enable the out port as

    tiz_srv_issue_event ((OMX_PTR) p_prc, OMX_EventPortSettingsChanged, OMX_VID_DEC_AVC_OUTPUT_PORT_INDEX, OMX_IndexParamPortDefinition, /* the index of the struct that has been modififed */ NULL);

while reading the header. changes this by actually reading the values and updating them. This also removed dependency on the h264d_SetParameter workaround which was removed.

Moving on

The component works fine with normal streams but fails with streams which change parameters. Also while seeking there is a possibility that the out port will fail to flush and a timeout will occur. The major goal now is to add support for OMX_UseEGLImage which allows faster decoding process.


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